Residential Projects

Residential Remodel

Scans of the burnt structure along with a Revit model were provided to the design architect for renovation.

Residential Renovation

Residential project scanned and Revit model provided to the design architect.

Historic Projects

Historic Documentation

Unique historic home scanned for preservation documentation. Orthophotos and 2D Autocad drawings were provided to the architect for renovation design development.

Industrial Projects

Overhaul of Industrial Building

Two separate sites were scanned and point cloud data was provided to the client for remote design development and facility inventory and management.

Other Industrial Projects

These facilities were scanned for a variety of reasons. One was to provide a 2D drawing of existing rooftop structures and another to verify locations of existing columns and vertical clearances.

Commercial Projects

Hotel Redesign

12 Story hotel scanned for interior redesign and accessibility study. Designers located in a separate state and did not need to visit the site because of the digital information provided.

Deformation Projects

Ceiling Deformations

Residential and commercials scans provided to structural engineers to study the deformation of structural systems and ceiling deflections.