About 3D Laser Scanning

We are the only dedicated provider in our region, working with emerging technology to provide a comprehensive service.


What is 3D Laser Scanning?

3D laser scanning rapidly captures shapes of objects, buildings, and landscapes and analyses the real-world data to construct digital three-dimensional models that can be used by architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers, realtors and any field working in the built environment. This saves time and money by having precise information.


The process of laser scanning and capturing data has been around for more than 30 years. It is the development of software and technology that is changing who uses the information and how it is used.

Detail & Accuracy

We take care to ensure that we are capturing all the pertinent, necessary data for your project. We strive to provide an accuracy range of 1/4” to 1/2”.  The range and number of scans will determine the level of accuracy.  Items scanned will include everything within the line of sight of the scanner.

On-Site Scanning

We scan the interior and exterior of buildings using a protracting tripod with mounted equipment or lifts and booms to gain further access for scans.

A Multitude of Data

After the on-site scanning is completed, we process individual scans by converting a tabular format of millions of point coordinates into a virtual 3D representation called a point cloud. The point cloud is also overlaid with high definition photographs, allowing a photo-realistic image of the scan.  The point cloud is then used to produce highly accurate record drawings or 3D models.


Industry-standard architectural and engineering software programs, such as Revit and AutoCAD, natively use point cloud technology in their virtual work environments, allowing the design professional to have a virtual representation of the building and site at their desktop.

Can my Business Benefit?



Having accurate data saves time and money. Having the information at your desktop reduces site visits and costly rework. Scanning provides increased safety working around moving equipment and inaccessible or high spaces. We bring value to any construction project for new or existing structures.

  • • Complete & Accurate Data

  • • Improved Planning & Design

  • • Cost & Schedule Reduction

  • • Quality Control/Avoid Conflicts

  • • Increased Safety

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About Infiniax

All Dimensions. All Realities.

Infiniax is a full-service laser scanning company. Laser scanning provides an accurate 3-dimensional virtual representation of the built environment. This information is used in planning, in providing accurate documentation, in monitoring structural movement and acquiring data in dangerous or inaccessible spaces along with a host of other industrial uses.


The Infiniax team is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in the architecture and construction industries. We understand the building documentation process and know how buildings are constructed and put together. Our experience in laser scanning ranges from small-scale residential to larger industrial facilities. We work directly with owners and design professionals, ensuring our deliverables are tailored to their specific needs. We have state-of-the-art equipment and software for data capturing and processing.

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Our Experience

We have experience scanning commercial, industrial, historic and residential. We have comprehensive state of the art technology and keep up with current trends in software development. Infiniax staff includes licensed general contractors, a licensed architect, and support staff.

What Makes Us Different?

Our background and knowledge of the construction industry give us competitive advantage. We understand why we are capturing specific data, which saves our clients time and money. Our data is more accurate to traditional methods giving AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) professionals an edge in their market and performance. This alleviates the need for multiple site visits saving time and money in addition to increased safety.