3D Laser Scanning

Full-service Laser Scanning Company

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Accurate 3-Dimensional Data

For architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers, and realtors

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    Registered Point Cloud

    Accurate 3-dimensional data of the built environment.

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    3D Modeling/BIM

    We are able to provide accurate 3D modelling from the registered point cloud.

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    Deformation Analysis/Monitoring

    We are able to determine deformation by analyzing scans or comparing multiple scans over time.

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    2D CAD Documentation/Measured Drawings

    We use point cloud data to quickly produce accurate drawings.

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    We can provide orthos for designers to quickly produce their own measured drawings.

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    Webshare Cloud

    We provide access to 3D data on the cloud for entire team access.


Residential Renovation

Scanning residential projects assist architectural design, reveals existing or new structural issues, and can help the contractor layout new construction.

Commercial Projects

Scan data is used to create modeling, verify existing or new construction for renovations, retrofits, and expansion for all commercial uses and construction types.

Expansion Projects

Scanned facilities allow for on-site or remote asset management, verifying new systems and equipment placement, along with working remotely with the AEC team.